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Posted on Wed, Apr 01, 2015

2015 Lacrosse Season Reminder- ARENAS

Warriors 2015 Teams,

Parents, Coach’s, and Players

The GELC has held meetings last season with the City of Edmonton; it seems that lacrosse teams have had a series of incidents which has in the past, consumed a lot of time and energy to investigate for both the City of Edmonton and the GELC office.

We would like to be pro-active this season and remind all Lacrosse family's regardless of your jersey colors to respect and help manage your surroundings at the Arena, as Clubs we are the stakeholder using these facilities;

We have reviewed the policies and the GELC is now asking to have this sent to all Coaches and Managers throughout the GELC system, so we are all well aware of the issues and any future concerns may be dealt with quickly, without pointing fingers back at someone else.

1.All dressing rooms should be locked upon your arrival. The scheduled time you may access your dressing room is ½ hour prior to booked floor time.

2.The key is to be picked up from the attendant, once the dressing room is clean after your usage you must lock the door and return the key.

3.If the dressing room is open it would be advantageous to take a picture of how you found it and report concerns to the attendant. Take another picture after you leave it. *No alcohol or smoking is allowed in the building - suspension will occur.

Also these contracts which belongs to the Minor lacrosse may/or could be terminated.

Any teams caught breaking the rules will be suspended from the city facilities for violations.

As Coach’s - you need to take responsibility for your Lacrosse team and the dressing room. *All children under the age of 18 must have a responsible adult with them in the facility.

Players and Parents**Sticks and balls cannot be played with inside the facility. If you are the first team or teams arriving for the day’s events you may not enter the playing surface prior to the booked time.

If you do – your Club will be charged extra in 15 minute increments.

Your Team only has a half hour after completion of your game to leave the dressing rooms, please ensure you follow the allocated times, as the next team or the attendants need in the room.

There have been "concerns with the floors safety" if you have concerns, please address it thru Donna at the GELC office and she will then contact the city foreman in charge of the lacrosse facilities.

 GELC Office - Donna at 780-908-6539780-908-6539 cell

 Please be mindful that these rules should apply to all facilities and including the soccer center's with the (coach’s wearing helmets rule) that we use.

Thank you for your continued support and I believe that all our 2015 Warriors Teams will continue to show Warrior pride and respect at all facilities.


Warriors Executives

Posted on Tue, Mar 31, 2015

Fitness Tax Credit

Children’s Fitness Tax Credit
on Mar 10, 2015

Information for parents and guardians:

When preparing your taxes, remember that the Children's Fitness Tax Credit is
now doubled. This tax credit now lets parents claim up to $1,000 per child for fees paid in 2014 for eligible fitness expenses. To be eligible for the Children's Fitness Tax Credit, expenses must be for a child who is under 16 (or is under 18 if eligible for the disability tax credit) at the beginning of the year in which the expenses are paid. Expenses must be for the cost of the child's registration or membership in a prescribed program of physical activity.

For more information on eligibility, visit www.Canada.ca/TaxSavings.
Video: Children’s Fitness Tax Credit

(source: http://www.cra.gc.ca/fitness)

Warriors Executives

Posted on Mon, Mar 30, 2015

Evaluations Coming Up

 Players & Parents,


After hearing from the Category Directors, we have finalized the floor time allocation for the remainder of evaluations.  Please note that there are a few subtle changes to the proposed schedule that was sent yesterday so please review it carefully.  All of these floor times will be at George P. Hughes (Southside) Arena.




6:00 PM

7:00 PM

Mini Tyke 1 - 4

7:00 PM

8:00 PM

Peewee B/C

Director will communicate which time your player will attend

8:00 PM

9:00 PM

Peewee B/C

Director will communicate which time your player will attend

9:00 PM

10:00 PM

Peewee A



6:00 PM

7:00 PM


Director will communicate which time your player will attend

7:00 PM

8:00 PM


Director will communicate which time your player will attend

8:00 PM

9:00 PM


Director will communicate which time your player will attend

For those of you unable to attend your designated floor times, please contact your respective Category Director via email (midget@warriorslacrosse.ca, bantam@warriorslacrosse.ca, peewee@warriorslacrosse.ca, novice@warriorslacrosse, tyke@warriorslacrosse.ca, minityke@warriorslacrosse.ca).  If the number of players unavailable to attend their evaluations is significant enough per each category, we may look at having additional evaluation times to ensure the parity amongst the teams.  We will communicate this as soon as we have an idea of the number of players involved.


For the A Teams, Tykes and Mini Tykes, if you have already been assigned your teams and coaches, please contact your coach directly if you are unable to attend these initial floor times.




Thank you again for your patience and understanding.  As we are dealing with some recent vacancies at the executive level, we know that the beginning of this season has not seen us at our best, but please note those still in place are doing the best they can.  That being said, if anyone would like to volunteer for an executive or director position, please feel free to let me know at treasurer@warriorslacrosse.ca.  Experience is not a necessity.


Yours in lacrosse,


Kevin Kohut - Treasurer South Edmonton Warriors Lacrosse Club

Posted on Thu, Mar 26, 2015

Goalie Gear Pick Up

I am doing another goalie gear pick up
this Saturday, March 28th from 9AM -11AM at the budget lock up, 8112 Roper Road. Someone will be at the gate to let them in.

Please tell all your goalies! I would like to get everyone geared up because the next round of tryouts will be here before we know it and then Jersey pick up will have to occur soon after.

Thanks so much !
Posted on Wed, Mar 25, 2015

Spam or Trash

Every year we hear that people are not getting their emails. We would like to remind you to check your Spam folder! Please add RAMP and the Warriors to your contacts. Hope this helps.

Warriors Evaluation Team
Posted on Sun, Mar 22, 2015

Midget A - intents

Midget A intent
March 21 Saturday, South Soccer, floor #11 at 6:15-7:45
March 23 Monday, South Soccer, floor #10 at 6:00-7:30 
March 24 Tuesday, West Soccer, floor #4 at 9:45-10:45
If you have any questions or concerns please contact the Midget Director (Al Menon) at midget@warriorslacrosse.ca

Posted on Sat, Mar 21, 2015

Step By Step for New coaches

Step-by-step instructions for completing your NCCP training online

1.Coach obtains an access code from their local (GELC)Member Association to access the online coaching program.

2.Coach signs up for (Status page) and completes the appropriate pre-clinic assessment at http://nccp.lacrosse.ca.

3.Coach registers for a clinic (Status page). 

4.Coach attends clinic. 

5.Clinic facilitator checks off all the coaches who attended the clinic and submits a course

registration form to their Member Association to be forwarded on to the CAC.

 6.Coach is now able to register for (Status page) and complete their workbook.

 7.Coach submits their workbook to the CLA. 

8.CLA staff member marks the workbook. 

9.CLA staff member sends workbook evaluation form to the coach with feedback for corrections

(if applicable). 

10. If corrections are required, coach logs back into their account, reads the feedback provided at

the bottom of each incomplete page, corrects their mistakes and re-submits their workbook. 

11. CLA staff member notifies the coach’s Member Association and the Coaching Association of

Canada (CAC) that the coach has passed his/her workbook. 

12. Coach registers for an in-person or video evaluation (Status page). 

13. Member Association assigns an evaluator to the coach and notifies both individuals. 

14. Evaluator gets in touch with the coach and makes arrangements to complete the evaluation. 

15. Evaluator checks off that the coach has completed their evaluation and submits a course

registration form to their Member Association to be forwarded on to the CAC. 

16. Coach follows the link on the Status page to the online Make Ethical Decisions evaluation and

completes the evaluation. Note: Coach will require their CC# and password to access the online Make Ethical Decisions evaluation. If they do not have one or both of these pieces of information, they should e-mail coach@coach.ca.

17. Upon successful completion of the online Make Ethical Decisions evaluation, the evaluation will appear on the coach’s online NCCP transcript.

Posted on Fri, Mar 20, 2015

Box Referee - earn extra $$

Warriors Players,
Are you 14yrs of age and older?
Are you looking to increase your knowledge of the game?
Are you looking for some extra spending money?
Look no further check out the ALRA webpage for referee clinics in your area.


Posted on Mon, Mar 16, 2015


Players and Parents
We're extremely excited to announce that our lacrosse store has moved and we were hoping that if it was not an inconvenience that you could help us get the word out that we are now open.  
Regards, Chris and Darryl
The Grind Sports / lacrossedonkey.com at 8812 - 51 Ave in Edmonton is Western Canada's largest lacrosse store.   The new location now has over 3000 Sq. ft of retail space as well as a 30 foot shooter lane.  We would like personally invite all players, teams and clubs to visit our new location.  We have most of our spring selection in stock with more shipments arriving daily.  Come check out some of the great STORE OPENING Specials with some merchandise more than 50% off.
The Grind Sports
8812 - 51 Ave
Edmonton, Alberta
Posted on Sun, Mar 15, 2015

Reminder - Edmonton Warriors Majors

Edmonton Warriors Major Floor Times open to Warriors Jr B Tier 1 and 2 players; plus the Sr. B and Sr. C, from last season and the Draft picks for this year. First round is open camp, then we will break down the teams into their divisions.


Cost: $10.00/player for each floor time

Round One - Completed

Round Two Invitation Only

Wednesday Mar. 11 - Done

Saturday Mar. 14 - Done

Monday Mar. 16 8:00-10:00 Edmonton Soccer Centre West

Thursday Mar. 19 9:30-10:30 Edmonton Soccer Centre West

Monday Mar. 23 8:15-9:15 Edmonton Soccer Centre West

Friday Mar 27 8:00-10:00 South Side Arena

Sunday Mar. 29 5:00-6:30 South Side Arena


For more Information Contact

VP Warriors Majors

Tony Materi @ 780 903 8737 or Email: trock@live.ca

Posted on Sat, Mar 14, 2015

RUSH Volunteers

We are still looking for a few more volunteers for the 2015 Edmonton RUSH games. Our club is only successful because of our Parents and all the Volunteers we have.  Contact our Volunteer Coordinator and ask when there are times available.

Contact at volunteer@warriorslacrosse.ca   

Thank You
Warriors Executive

Posted on Fri, Mar 13, 2015

Grade 5-6 (LAD) Program

Academic and Athletic Development in conjunction with Donnan School and Vimy Ridge Academy, is excited to announce the launch of the the Donnan Lacrosse Athletic Development (LAD) Program . The Donnan LAD program will be available for Grade 5 and 6 student-athletes, male and female, who are interested in combining the skill development of lacrosse with overall athletic enhancement. The objective of the program will be to develop a foundation of lacrosse skills while working on overall movement and sport skills, which leads to physical literacy. Student-athletes will be exposed to both field and box lacrosse, while being led through numerous other sports to build upon their active lifestyles. Each student-athlete will receive on average six lacrosse sessions per month, while combining other physical activities and in-class sessions focusing on health and wellness. Student-athletes will be benefit from the Donnan Advantage, a “fast-track” into Vimy Lacrosse as they enter Grade 7. No lacrosse experience is required, just a desire to learn the game of lacrosse. The cost of the program for the 2015/16 school year is $1560.

The Donnan LAD program will be coordinated by Jason Knight, teacher at Donnan, with assistance from Paul Rai and Jimmy Quinlan, instructors at Vimy Lacrosse. Jason Knight brings extensive coaching experience and has over the past five years immersed himself into box and field lacrosse. Both Paul Rai and Jimmy Quinlan bring a strong lacrosse coaching background. Paul Rai has been involved with lacrosse for close to 35 years and Jimmy is the current Assistant Coach of the Edmonton Rush. They both believe the LAD program will be a great opportunity for student-athletes to be exposed to lacrosse skill development while developing overall athleticism and a love of an active lifestyle.

If you are interested in the Donnan Lacrosse Athletic Development Program please contact Jason Knight atjason.knight@epsb.ca or Paul Rai at paul.rai@epsb.ca

Posted on Mon, Mar 09, 2015


Registration is now open for the 2015 Box Lacrosse Season;

The Warriors are planning to get an early start on the season again this year, with evaluations for some divisions planned to get underway in March, so it is important that everyone who plans to play lacrosse this spring registers as soon as possible to ensure that you are included in all email notices regarding evaluations and pre-season activities. 

Peewee Players & Parents... 

Also early plans are in place to enter a Warriors Peewee team in the Annual "RUSH Tournament" in early March so you need to sign up now... date to be confirmed 

Coaching Clinics Dates - Now Posted on the GELC page, sign up as soon, even to swing a gate you need to have some level of coaching.


You will be required to pay online by Visa or MasterCard to complete your registration.  This is the only form of payment that the Warriors will accept and you will lose all of your registration data if you do not complete the payment process.


Registration ends February 28 2015   After that, late registrations will only be accepted on a “first-come-first-served” basis until teams are filled and late registrants will incur a $100.00 late fee.  So don't delay - head to the registration site now and register your player for the 2015 season!

Posted on Mon, Feb 23, 2015

Team Alberta 2015


Team Alberta is now seeking applications for the 2015 box and field programs. The Team Alberta progam will be expanding to include Senior Ladies Box Lacrosse.

Calgary will be the proud host of the 2015 Female Nationals in July.  The National Championship will include Bantam Girls, Midget Girls, Junior Ladies and an invitational event of Senior Ladies.  This event will be held July 20-25, 2015.

The Pee Wee and Midget Box will travel to Whitby, Ontario.  This National Championship will be held

August 1-8, 2015.


The Bantam Nationals will be held in Saskatoon, SK. This Nationals Championship will be held July 21-26, 2015.


The First Nations and Alumno Cup will be held in Halifax, NS.  This Nationals Championship will ne held

August 27-30, 2015.


Team Alberta is looking for experienced, qualified coaches who are committed to taking TEAM ALBERTA to the next level. All coaches are subject to the usual interview process and will be required to submit to police checks. Please join us in making the Team Alberta program the best provincial team program in Canada.

Applications should be submitted using the link below and delivered to the Alberta Lacrosse Association before January 15, 2015 at lisa@albertalacrosse.com


Yours in Lacrosse,

Pauline Hughes

VP of Provincial and National Competition
Posted on Tue, Jan 13, 2015

UofA Field Invitational 2014

Warriors Field 2014
Our first Warriors Field team VS VIMY HS 2014
Posted on Tue, Nov 11, 2014

Vimy Winter BOX Lacrosse Program

Vimy Winter Lacrosse Program

Our fourth year of the Vimy Winter Lacrosse Program is around the corner. We are excited about the upcoming year and seeing another great year of development for all the participants. Sessions will run from late October until February at the Leduc Recreation Centre. Sessions will be divided between skill development and controlled game play. Part of the each session will be focused on drills that provide players with the repetitions they require to develop as players. The other part of each session will be focused on controlled game play, allowing players to learn the proper way to play the game of lacrosse. Our mandate in this program is to develop lacrosse players who have sound fundamentals. For our goalies, we will be bringing in goalie instructors to ensure players at this position are receiving quality instruction on technique and skills.

Instruction will be coordinated by Jimmy Quinlan and Paul Rai. Jimmy and Paul currently work at Vimy Ridge Academy where they lead the Vimy Lacrosse Program. Vimy Lacrosse is a sports alternative program that provides lacrosse training to students within the Edmonton Public School Board. Jimmy played for several years in the National Lacrosse League before stepping behind the bench as an Assistant Coach for the team. Paul Rai has has 17 years of lacrosse coaching experience working with players from Mini Tyke to Senior Mens. Both Jimmy and Paul just finished the summer lacrosse season coaching the Sherwood Park Junior A Titans. Jimmy and Paul are fully committed to the growth of the game and teaching athletes to play the game with skill and speed.
Cost: $375 for Minityke/Tyke
$400 for all other age groups
All Sessions @ Leduc Recreation Centre (Field House)
(30 runners and 4 goalies available at each level).

Program will provide approximately twelve sessions of lacrosse instruction. Each player will receive a Vimy Lacrosse Pinnie. NEW THIS YEAR – Each registrant will receive a professionally strung Under Armour lacrosse stick (retail value $150). Our Under Armour stick program for the players is being done to ensure each player has a stick that will foster and promote strong mechanics and proper development of skills.

To register for the Winter Lacrosse please visit www.aadie.ca and login to AAD Registration to create your profile. If you have registered with us previously please use your current profile.

Bantam/Midget/Junior Girls (2002 birth year and older) – Tuesday Evenings
Mini tyke/Tyke (07, 08, 09, birth years) – Sunday mornings
Novice (05, 06 birth year) – Sunday mornings
Pee Wee (03, 04 birth year) – Saturday afternoons
Bantam/Midget (99, 00, 01, 02 birth year) – Saturday afternoons

For more information on the program please email Paul Rai at paul.rai@epsb.ca. To find out more information on Vimy Lacrosse please visit http://vimyedmonton.ca/lacrosse/ .

(Dates are tentative and subject to change based on final registration numbers)

Posted on Wed, Sep 10, 2014

Warriors at the Worlds

Team Canada
Posted on Tue, Jul 29, 2014

Classic Game

Posted on Wed, Jun 25, 2014

Warriors Vs Rams

Posted on Wed, May 28, 2014

Midget A

Posted on Wed, May 28, 2014

Edmonton Warriors

More than 25 years of Lacrosse history

Posted on Thu, May 22, 2014


Posted on Tue, May 20, 2014

Game Photos

Face off
Posted on Tue, May 20, 2014

2014 -15 Warriors Volunteers Moving forward

The 2014-15 Warriors Lacrosse Program can only be as Successful as our Volunteers base and our Players.
The club is only as successful as the volunteers that put the time and effort to make it successful. We put the time and effort into the sport for the kids. If we do not have these and other positions filled we cannot operate the club. The club operates on a year round basis and relies on our membership to help step up and run the club. Experience is not a prerequisite, just the desire to help and make this club the best in the city for our kids. Please come and we will find a roll for you to help in. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call 780-975-0837 or e-mail
Posted on Mon, May 19, 2014

The Grind Sports

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